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the Magnetic Insta Blueprint

A self-guided course that will teach you everything about mastering & monetizing Instagram! Building your authority, writing amazing magnetic captions, and creating on-brand content!

Let's get real...

You feel you are succeeding, at least you’re making money, love your work, and you know exactly what you are talking about (damn good)!


But… you are working your ass off, spending hours, days and weeks trying to convince people of buying your offer. Objection after objection. You get tired of explaining the value of your offer all the time.


IT. IS. WORTH. IT. - Why don’t people see this?


The thing is...

You’re piecing together all the puzzle pieces of free info on the internet, trying to make EVERYONE ELSE’S strategies work for your business. It might work to some extent.


But what if it could be easier, more efficient, and way less draining?


What if you could create amazing magnetic copy, and create real connections with your audience so they feel heard and seen? So they trust you and want to work with you.


Because of you, your vibe, your energy, and your magnetism.


Let’s craft a strategy that suits you and shows you exactly how to get where you’re trying to go, with the right tools to really get there. 

You’ve come a long way just gathering up all the free information on the internet, in a world where no one can keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm and endless new possibilities and pandemics the world throws at us!

Doing business is hard work.

No matter where you come from...


But you CAN make it a lot EASIER. I already did lots of trial and error - so you don’t need to waste your time on that.


You can run the business you dream about, but you need to master communication in order to succeed. Or at least make your life a bit easier.


Wouldn’t it be easier to know WHAT works, WHY it works, and HOW to apply it in your business?


There’s a difference between making it work, and knowing what really works.  Aka, struggle or living the life you want.


What if you could develop your own strategy to communicate and sell your offer in a way that feels authentic, natural, and efficient for you and your potential clients?


What if I just deliver you a step-by-step effective strategy (tested and proven) to communicate your work to your audience in a way that makes SURE it sells.

Write content that converts, so people are like: "Take my money"!


  • write magnetic content that shows your audience you are THE expert!

  • are telling stories people can connect with, so they start trusting you and want to work with you...

  • are showing them the REAL transformation because people can visualize their new future...

  • create amazing on-brand content...

  • have lots of ideas on how to educate your audience...

  • know exactly what strategies to use, to get your reader into your DM...

  • know how to leverage Instagram as part of your sales funnel...


  • struggle to come up with new ideas to educate your audience...

  • have an unclear branding proposition and unclear niche...

  • have to fight for your audience's attention...

  • struggle with telling your brand story and how to show people you experienced the same pain points...

  • struggle with creating amazing on-brand content...(Canva has no more secrets)

  • hear crickets, aka post, and pray...

  • have zero comments and 10 likes...

  • work without a strategy...

You no longer have to feel insecure, stressed, annoyed and hopeless because of Instagram...


MIB - Mock-up.png

the Magnetic Insta Blueprint











You no longer have to struggle with content creation. I'll show you frameworks to grow your business and consistently sign new clients with ease.




Stop feeling frustrated every time you try to articulate what you do... I'll teach you the way to communicate your offers & services, so people are willing to buy!




I'll show you how to write your brand message and communicate this so you really connect with your audience and build up your community.

Ready for a big return on your investment?



Pay in full

Payment plan
2x 190,-

Payment plan
3x 127,-

This is my Kanye West section. 
The one where I tell you how good my templates are ;).

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-03 om 12.41.39.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-03 om 12.30.29.png

Once you start using the Magnetic Insta Blueprint

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-15 om 10.16.56.png
IMG_2712 2.jpg
Magnetic Instagram Blueprint_edited.jpg

Communicate in a way, that people see the actual value of your offer & become a raving fan.

Peggy Leenders

Your Business

Hi, I'm Peggy.

I'll help you automate your online service business, multiply your income and maximize your magnetic brand.

While I graduated as a 'multimedia designer' - I founded my own company where I helped online entrepreneurs craft their magnetic personal brand. I helped them with their overall online communication, writing their brand story, social media, and their visual online branding. 

After I specialized in multimedia design I also graduated in Small Business and Retail Management. I grew my personal Instagram to more than 35.000 followers and I combined my creative side with the business side and implemented the same successful strategies for my clients in order to grow and scale their online service businesses via Social Media. 

After more than 10 years of experience in the online marketing and creative industry, I can say I'm an expert in social media, online business marketing, and communication. 

So if you're done pushing and trying to convince people why they need your offers, which makes you feel sleazy, undervalued, and underappreciated... 


In order to grow your business and consistently sign new clients with ease...

you first need to get rid of these problems..

You don't show who you truly are.


Your content and branding are just like all the other brands. You're not sure how to create a magnetic personal brand, that reflects your values and personality so you can connect with your audience.

You don't show up consistently.


​You feel overwhelmed with producing content, it takes you so much time! And when you post, you post without a clear strategy or goal and feel frustrated no one is responding. Why put in all the effort?

Selling via Instagram feels impossible.


You can't seem to figure out how to communicate without feeling sleazy or inauthentic or let alone people seeing the value in your offer. You are done with all the objections.  You feel insecure and misunderstood.

Your unclear marketing message.


You're not communicating clearly on what you offer, so your ideal client is confused about what you do or what you’re selling and if your offer is suitable for them, so they end up NOT buying.

I'll make your life a lot easier...
tune in to your new future:

Sneak peek of what's inside

  • You know how to write magnetic educational content. Your audience sees you as the GO-TO expert and you feel confident to show them!

  • Your storytelling is amazing, people connect with you and trust you, they want to work with you!

  • You know how to connect and bond in DM's, so now they ask YOU how they can work with you.

  • You were able to translate your personality into your branding, so now it is really easy to create amazing magnetic content and have an aesthetically pleasing feed.

  • You have lots of ideas on how to educate, inspire and nurture your audience. Hello, consistency!

  • You know exactly what strategies to use, to get your reader into your DM...

  • You know how to leverage Instagram as part of the overall marketing sales funnel.

If you want to find out HOW to onboard your dream clients via Instagram, write magnetic content, and become the authority in your niche... then what are you waiting for?

Hey, you!

If you are done feeling frustrated every time you try to communicate what you do and what you have to offer... if you're done chasing after prospects trying to convince them of the value of your offer... 

This is what you have to do, in order to get what you want...



The C.A.A. Framework©



This program is built on communication pillars. The most important thing in your business is your communication. You can have an amazing offer, but if you can't communicate it right, no one will buy.

I will make sure you'll feel confident in writing, and also during communication with clients (sales calls).



You have to be in alignment with yourself and HOW you do business. It doesn't have to be hard if you do what you love in a way that is authentic and there is always a way that suits you so you feel comfortable.

You'll understand when you act like your true self that things will come naturally, so you won't be annoyed or stressed because you don't know what to say or write.



Your messaging is going to be magnetic. Your audience will have a feeling you can hear them thinking. You will be able to connect on a different level that brings trust and recognition. The MOST IMPORTANT aspects for people so they are willing to buy your product.

So you won't be feeling sleazy, undervalued, or unseen, because clients come to you instead of you reaching out to them.

Ready for a big return on your investment?



Pay in full

Payment plan
2x 190,-

Payment plan
3x 127,-

WHY did I create this offer?

For the last few years, I’ve put a lot of work into my current program: Business Growth Accelerator, which is my 1:1 coaching program in which I help coaches and online service entrepreneurs build up their profitable online businesses and sign new clients on autopilot.


I learned from my students that they are very willing to grow and scale their company, but they don't have that solid foundation when it comes to creating content and communicating what they offer.


After graduating in Multi-Media Design and Small Business and Retail Management, I spend years working in marketing and communication, I quickly learned that MOST people are focusing on trying to solve the wrong problems to grow their business and sign clients consistently.


This is one of the most important (and foundational things) you have to learn & if you don’t get it right now, it could cost you a lot of money and time.


Where most of my clients (and maybe you as well) think they have a sales or a marketing problem (they think they are using the wrong strategies or sales techniques...) — what they’re missing is the MOST IMPORTANT step that comes before anything else;


The WAY that you communicate what you do!


Without clear communication, your audience will most likely not understand what you have to say and object to your pitches, let alone see the actual value of your work...


For so long, I chose to help only my 1:1 clients with communicating the value of their brand and offers...BUT… I want to make it accessible to ALL OF YOU.


So I started by collecting ALL of the information and knowledge I gained over time.


Everything about crafting the perfect brand story, (personal)branding, content creation, magnetic copywriting, implementing the perfect Instagram funnel... EVERYTHING to set up a successful online business via Instagram.


Fast forward to today, I am ready to launch a new program that basically teaches you all the things I learned and developed over the last 10 years working in marketing, social media, and communication.

Are you ready?

  • Wat houdt de cursus Insta Growth Boost in?
    Deze cursus is ontworpen om je te laten zien hoe je kunt groeien en geld kunt verdienen met jouw Instagram, of dit nu zakelijk of persoonlijk is. De cursus bestaat uit diverse modules, video's, werkboeken en templates.
  • Kan ik deze cursus ook gebruiken voor mijn persoonlijke Instagram?
    Als jij de intentie hebt om dit uitgebreid aan te pakken en graag wilt groeien met jouw social media, dan is dit het juiste pakket. Ook als je inspiratie/ tips en tricks zoekt voor het uitvoeren van jouw content strategie en het maken van content, is dit het juiste pakket. Echter gaat een groot deel wel over klanten en leads genereren via Social Media.
  • Welke programma's heb ik nodig om de presets te gebruiken?
    De presets zijn ontwikkeld vanuit het programma Lightroom. De presets komen in de bestanden DNG voor mobiel en XMP voor desktop Lightroom. De Lightroom applicatie is gratis te downloaden en te gebruiken. De desktopvariant is betaald en kun je 10 dagen gratis uitproberen. Echter heb je deze variant in principe niet nodig want via de applicatie kun je ook de foto's bewerken.
  • Hoelang heb ik toegang tot de cursus?
    Indien je de cursus hebt aangeschaft, kun je altijd inloggen op het platform. Er is geen einddatum en je kunt dus op je gemak alle stof doornemen en uitvoeren. Ook blijf je toegankelijk voor updates en bonussen.
  • Is deze cursus geschikt voor mij?
    Deze cursus is geschikt voor jou wanneer: - Je een coach, consultant, cursusmaker of online dienstverlener bent met een bedrijf die baat heeft bij online aanwezigheid. ​ - Je bereid bent om alles in het werk te stellen om jouw merk of bedrijf naar het volgende niveau te schalen. ​ - Je bent goed in wat je doet en je weet dat je mensen kunt helpen wanneer jouw publiek groter en volledig niche gericht is. ​ - Je wilt jezelf positioneren als een expert en een autoriteit, maar weet gewoon niet waar je moet beginnen. ​ - Je bent klaar om te leren hoe je jouw publiek organisch kunt laten groeien met betalende klanten. Je hebt genoeg van het verspillen van geld, tijd en energie om je ideale niche klant online te bereiken, maar het lijkt erop dat je deze mensen niet kunt vinden. ​ - Je jouw klanten toegevoegde waarde wilt bieden door waardevolle inhoud te produceren.
  • Wat is de investering?
    De cursuskosten bedragen eenmalig € 497,- de BTW is verlegd omdat ik in Singapore woon.
  • Wat leer ik allemaal in deze cursus?
    Aan het einde van de Insta Growth Boost cursus kun je jouw online publiek vol vertrouwen en consistent laten groeien en weet je hoe je jouw programma's of producten via Instagram kunt verkopen.
  • Wat nou als ik niet tevreden ben? Krijg ik dan mijn geld terug?
    Ik ben er 100% van overtuigd, dat wanneer jij alle strategieën uitwerkt, je resultaten zult zien. Indien jij mij kan aantonen, dat je al het werk erin gestopt hebt, alle werkboeken hebt ingevuld en de strategieen hebt toegepast en je geen resultaat ziet, dan plan ik graag een gesprek met je om dit door te nemen en krijg jij jouw geld terug.
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