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3 levels of content you need to know about. 🙌

With these 3 levels of content you will guide your follower into the customer journey from cold to a HOT lead.

👉 In this post I’ll talk about the 3 levels of content you need to use to accelerate this process.

✅ Level 1: Create brand awareness

✅ Level 2: Build trust & emotional connection

Level 3: Guide their decision making action

At level 1 the follower is cold and just discovered you. The content you produce on this level is brand awareness content.

Let them know:

- WHO you are

- WHY you do what you do

- WHAT you do

At level 2 you build up trust and make an emotional connection.

You post content about:

- your personal/ brand story

- your pain points

- your entrepreneurial journey

- what you learn, love, hate…

You SHOW them the transformation they are also SEEKING. Educate, inform, connect.

At level 3 you guide them into the decision making process.

- You post DIRECT response copy ▶️ Action driven posts.

These pieces of content tell your follower how they can work with you, and what you have to offer. It is designed to drive an action (to let them buy your offer).

AKA: This is what you need to do, in order to get what you want.

Your customer journey from level 1:

You can have great content about who you are and what you stand for.. but basically at this point, all you did is shake the hand of your follower.

Let’s say you’re at a business event (your Instagram page) and your follower just walks in.

👋 “Hello, nice to meet you! My name is…” —> creating brand awareness.

Now, what do you do next? Maybe get some lunch together so you can get to know each other better.. build trust, connect. Show them what you know and can do AND that you have a solution to their problem.

🤯“I’ll love what you do! You know what you are talking about!” —> trust and emotional connection

Now your follower knows who you are and what you are capable of, he now wants to work with you, because he knows you, trusts you AND you have the solution to his problem.

🙋🏻‍♀️“How can I work with you?” —> Action driven.

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