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6 must have elements for your freebie

6 must have elements for your freebie 🙌 And why you need one!

▶ This is the lead into your irresistible offer!

🚀 1. It is specific and tangible

You talk about problems / solutions within your niche and give them the knowledge what they get out of this freebie.

🚀 2. It show’s who YOU are

Show them who you are and why they should take your word for it. (Results, social proof etc.) Show them why you are the expert.

🚀 3. It is results driven

It speaks to the results that your actual product of service will deliver

🚀 4. Quick wins

Give them quick hacks / wins to implement so they might see direct results.

🚀 5. Emphasizes the need for your offer

Why do they need your offer? Make it clear you have the solution for their problem and can help them with their transformation.

🚀 6. Call to action

What do they need to do next? Make sure the next step is very clear. This can be ‘sign up for the free challenge’ or follow me on social media, or ‘this low ticket offer is the right first step for you!

▶ Example:

Clients pain point: Not making enough sales via Social media 😩

Specific, tangible and results driven freebie: 👇

How to make € 10k in sales, within 3 months via Social Media

Then you offer them for instance 5 solutions.

2 quick wins and 3 high value steps but need more work to implement (this is were you create the need for your offer).

You tell them WHAT to do, not HOW to do it.

Perfect intro for you upsell! 🙌

Are you going to use these tips for your freebie? Let me know in the comments! 👇


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