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East-To-Implement Templates, Planners, & Business Tools


How to build a profitable online business? I'll teach you how your content warms up your ideal customer, how to launch a profitable offer and generate more paying customers.

Search no more! The Online Business Toolkit provides you with 10 powerful strategies to increase your revenue!

Total value worth $ 347,-

Online Business Toolkit

Are you just starting out and/or encountering obstacles with your online service?


  • Do you struggle with setting clear goals and priorities for your online business?

  • Do you find it difficult to create a detailed business plan that encompasses your vision and strategy?

  • Not sure where to start in achieving your online goals?

  • Do you want to create marketing and sales funnels that convert followers into paying customers?

  • Do you need assistance in setting up compelling emails that maximize your sales potential?

  • Would you like to learn how to successfully sell through 1-on-1 direct sales, live launches, and ongoing sales funnels?

  • Are you looking for effective partnerships to expand your reach?

  • Do you want to create engaging content and learn how to write great posts?

  • Are you ready to take your online business to the next level and increase your profits?

    Our Online Business Toolkit provides the solution to all of these challenges. It offers you 10 powerful strategies for online success. With over 250+ pages of valuable insights a
    nd practical tools, this toolkit will help you transform your online business and achieve success. Don't hesitate any longer and purchase your Online Business Toolkit today to take your online service to the next level!

Your Roadmap

A structured online business helps you set clear goals and determine priorities, allowing you to work more efficiently and achieve better results. You can see exactly where you're "missing something" and what requires more attention at that moment to succeed.

These successful strategies
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Why your online business isn't taking off despite all your efforts...

You're making the same common mistakes that many new entrepreneurs make. The result? You're spending hours creating content that no one responds to. You're trying countless outreach strategies, experimenting with various marketing tactics, and getting even more confused because nothing seems to work. It feels like you're blindly stumbling in the dark without a clear direction.

You have no idea how to distinguish yourself among the thousands of others in the same niche. This leads to self-doubt... Do I really have something unique to offer? Is this all worth it?

You're exhausted, frustrated, and on the verge of giving up. It can't be this hard, can it?

To make your online business grow infinitely and transform it into monthly recurring payments, you need a clear foundation of marketing and communication. 


You don't have a clear online branding

You don't have a clear online branding strategy and style to use for your business/(personal) brand. Your content isn't recognized, preventing you from positioning yourself as an expert. You feel invisible and uncertain.

You are trying 10 different strategies.

You don't have a clear growth, brand, or sales strategy, let alone measuring various goals. You work without tools to test, evaluate, or adjust your findings. You feel stressed.

You are creating 'wrong' content

You don't know if you're creating relevant content for your niche. So, you post all sorts of things, hoping that your audience will respond this time. You feel a lot of uncertainty about creating engaging content for your ideal customer.

Social tired?

You have no idea which platforms you 'should' use, let alone basing your strategies on them.

Furthermore, social media changes so rapidly that you can't keep up with it.

You have no idea how to convert your follower into a customer

You seem invisible; why is no one responding to your Stories, Reels, and Instagram posts? You're communicating your offering in a way that isn't recognizable or creating urgency for your ideal customer.

You are focusing on multiple social media platforms

You are busy optimizing various social media platforms, and this ultimately means that no single platform gets 100% of your attention. This results in limited reach.

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Stop wasting time and energy on ineffective tactics. Discover the power of the Online Business Starter Kit and take the right steps toward online success.

Total value: $347,-!


For whom is the toolkit suitable?


This toolkit is suitable for online entrepreneurs who offer services (both beginners and advanced), but not for businesses that sell physical products online (e-commerce stores).

Think of online freelancers, coaches, virtual assistants (VA), consultants, online course creators, template and planner designers, brand and web designers, photographers, social media managers, online fitness/mindset/lifestyle coaches, and more experts in specific industries who offer online services.

About me, Peggy


With over 10 years of experience in online marketing and sales, I help entrepreneurs create a strategic marketing and brand story that not only captivates but also converts. My expertise lies in developing a profitable online strategy and increasing your online visibility.

But that's not all - I have recently expanded my offerings with this practical toolkit, specifically tailored to online service providers. Whether you are just starting your online journey or are already an advanced entrepreneur, I am here to assist you in launching and scaling your online business. Together, we will effectively use social media, automate where possible, and harness the power of funnels.

With my strong focus on online strategy, branding, and optimal online visibility, I have conducted over 600+ coaching sessions with 1:1 clients and sold more than 3000 online courses.


Now it's your turn to benefit from my proven methods and success strategies.

This toolkit provides you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge you need to make your online business a success and scale it. It's your opportunity to learn how to effectively use social media, discover how to optimize and launch your offerings, and harness the power of funnels.

What are you waiting for? Take action and invest in your success with the business toolkit. Click the link below to secure your access and start building a profitable online business today!


Discover what your future could look like after implementing the Online Business Toolkit:

  1. Time Savings: You will notice that you can work much more efficiently and spend less time on ineffective strategies. This will leave you with more time for valuable tasks and enable you to create a better work-life balance.

  2. Clear Strategy: With the Toolkit, you have a clear strategy at your fingertips that guides you step by step. You know exactly what steps to take to grow your online business and achieve your goals.

  3. Better Results: By applying the right strategies and tools, you will see that you achieve better results. You will attract more followers, increase your conversion rate, and ultimately acquire more customers.

  4. Expert Status: By setting yourself apart and delivering valuable content, you will position yourself as an expert in your niche. This enhances your credibility and attracts more customers specifically seeking your expertise.

  5. Greater Online Visibility: Thanks to the strategies and tips in the Toolkit, you will increase your online visibility. This means more people will discover you and your business, expanding your reach and potential customer base.

  6. Higher Revenue: With an effective marketing and sales strategy, you will notice an increase in revenue. You will convert more followers into paying customers and be able to justify your prices, making your business more profitable.

  7. Trust and Satisfaction: By implementing the Toolkit and achieving success with your online business, you will experience a sense of trust and satisfaction. You will see that your efforts bear fruit and that you have a positive impact on your customers and the market.

    Ready to transform your future? Order the Online Business Starter Kit today and take the first step toward a successful online business.


The key to success is taking action. Having dreams and plans is great, but ultimately, it's the steps we take that make the difference.



Delve deeper into key concepts and receive hands-on guidance with our workbooks. These tools provide exercises, questions, and assignments to stimulate your thinking and assist you in developing and implementing the strategies.



Save time and effort with our ready-made templates. Whether it's emails, social media posts, sales pages, or launches, our professionally designed templates provide a solid foundation that you can customize to meet your specific needs and brand.



With our comprehensive planners, you can efficiently and clearly organize your tasks, goals, launches, and deadlines. Take control of your time and maximize your productivity with the help of our professionally designed planners.



Never forget important steps or tasks again with our checklists. Whether you're planning a launch, creating content, or implementing a strategy, our checklists ensure you don't overlook anything and stay on the right track.



Learn from our successful examples and gain insight into proven strategies. The examples show you how others have achieved success in your field, providing you with inspiration and direction for your own online business. You will gain access to valuable knowledge and expertise.


Ready for a big return on your Investment?
Total Toolkit Value: $ 347,-

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