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4 questions, you need to answer to VALIDATE your offer + quick win! 🤩

You might have experienced this before: you started creating your offer or service, launched it, and all you've got was CRICKETS....😫

So to avoid hearing the crickets when you launch; read the next post!

Before you are going to create that amazing course, product or service, always validate your offer first. Do some market research to understand if people are waiting for your offer or maybe they are not even aware that they need your offer (so no one will buy).

You can validate your offer by asking yourself these questions (swipe to read!):

➡ QUESTION 1: Is your target audience already spending money and trying different solutions to solve their problem?

Are they already searching for these solutions? If your audience isn't aware of these problems and they are not actively searching for a solution, you might want to re-position your offer.

➡ QUESTION 2: Does the solution TO their problem require specialized knowledge?

Meaning: is this something they can learn easily themselves or do they need a specialist/expert in order to solve this problem? Based on this outcome you can see what kind of offer you. should introduce: 1:1 or DIY courses or DFY for instance.

➡QUESTION 3: Is solving their problem LABOR-INTENSIVE, frustrating, or otherwise difficult to do with free information and content?

Meaning: could they Google it all and find all the solutions but does it cost them all of their time? Do you offer a quick solution with your offer so it doesn't cost them a lot of time to figure it out?

➡ QUESTION 4: Is this actually a big problem for them compared to a minor inconvenience that they complain about but don't care enough about solving it?

Meaning: is the problem big enough so they want to pay for it in order to solve the problem? Or is it a small problem that they do not care about as much so they don't really feel the urgency to solve this?


🤩🤩🤩 QUICK WIN! 🤩🤩🤩

Use these questions as a foundation in order to create questions.

Share these questions via:

📩 your Instagram Stories

📩 Facebook groups with your ideal clients

📩 Facebook timeline

📩 LinkedIn

➡ Example: Question 1: Is your target audience already spending money and trying different solutions to solve their problem?

Your niche-specific question to your audience:

✅ Have you ever bought an online course about [your topic]?

✅ What have you tried in order to solve [the problem you teach]?

Need help with creating a magnetic offer? Send me a DM with your question or comment below!


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