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How many people should enter your top of funnel to get at least 1 paying customer?

Answer the following question for yourself: How many people have to download your free giveaway or watch your webinar to get 1 paying customer out of it?

These are the people who opt in and are interested. Not necessarily the people who immediately buy, but perhaps an ideal customer that needs time and needs to be nurtured by your content and might buy your product or service later in the process.

Use your previous launch dates to calculate your top of funnel.

  • Your ad has generated X registrations…

  • X people have download your e-book

  • and X people have bought.

Well if you haven't done any previous launches yet, you can calculate it for yourself too. There are benchmarks for every industry and with that, you can set up an estimate for your first launch.

NOTE: it is difficult to estimate conversion rates and there is no magic number, also it varies by strategy and launch.

When you have a high ticket launch, you have a different strategy than a low ticket launch.

So if you want to calculate your top of funnel figures, you need fewer people in your top or funnel for your high ticket. This has to do with the fact that you often do 1 on 1 sales or telephone conversations.

When you have a low-ticket offer, you often need several people in your top or funnel because that approach is less personal, and therefore they need more info, nurture, security etc.

An example for a high ticket offer:

Suppose you sell coaching for 5000 euros. And you plan to sell this through strategy / sales calls. Your goal is to convert 50k and so you need 10 customers. Multiply your desired number of customers x 10. Then you come to 100 people who read your e-book. Then you bring in 20 for a strategy call and you sell your offer to 10 people.

So 100 people download your free PDF, 20 people come on the call and you sell to 10 people.

You ‘reverse engineer’. So you really have to think about how many people have to enter your funnel to generate that much sales. So make sure that you do everything possible to achieve your goals and let enough people opt in into your funnel. If you don't try hard enough, the sales won't come by itself. If you get so many people in your top of funnel, then you are sure of x number of sales.

So when you are in your pre-launch phase and you don't get enough people in your top or funnel, you know that your launch will not achieve the goal you want. So you can already say for yourself; where do I have to work harder? What should you attract more? Do you need a different advertising strategy or more posts on social media? Because if 1000 people download your e-book and you wanted to sell 500 courses, you will have a hard time getting there!


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