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How online launches can transform your business

Peggy Leenders
Peggy Leenders

Today I want to share more info on how online launches can transform your business and in the near future, I will share my best tips for successful launch sales.

Personally, launches have been a game-changer for me.

Not just because of the increased sales and freedom with which they transform your life, but for many more reasons, a few of which I'll share:


Selling an online service or product instead of a 1-to-1 service is a really powerful way to help multiple customers. When I focused on multiple services, I could only help so many customers at once. When you focus on 1 service or product that you offer online, you can help many more people at the same time.

If like me, you are super passionate about your mission around what you sell, then it is of course great to be able to share your information and service or product with more people.


The increase in revenue from the sale of an online product or service. Despite all the extra income you can create, you also create a kind of domino effect. As more people see you appear during your launches and more people talk about you and share their victories and how good your programs are, you will also get more requests for your 1 on 1 service.


The many conversations you have with your customers, before, during, and after your launches, help you understand the desires, fears, and situations of your niche target group, both before and after the purchase.

In this way, you can analyze, fine-tune and adjust your offer.

I'd love to hear your launch stories or plans in the comments section below this article. Need help with your launches? Check out my 1:1 offer.

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Deze programma's zijn ontworpen om je een online business 'master' te maken. Ze laten je zien hoe je een magnetisch persoonlijk merk creëert, de perfecte programmasuite, geweldige inhoud maakt, leert hoe je aan je ideale klant kunt verkopen, je online cursus of programma's kunt automatiseren en nog veel meer.

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