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How to create a magnetic freebie that REALLY onboards your ideal client. 🤩

I bet you opt-in on multiple free recourses from online businesses (Yes, I’m also guilty :D).

We tend to download a free resource in the hope it solves our (aware) problems. But we all know, a free resource will not spill all the deets. It makes us aware we even have more problems (we were unaware of). 😅

It just gives us the top of the iceberg, makes us curious for more.

So ask yourself; was it a no-brainer sign-up? What triggered you to sign-up? Was it worth it? Was it valuable?

You should ask yourself all these questions when you are creating your own magnetic freebie.

👉 First question; do you already have a free resource for your business?

Let me explain WHY it is very valuable to have a free resource.

✅ First, you do not depend on a social media platform (rented space). You create your own platform.

✅ Second, this is a great way to introduce yourself to a new (cold) audience.

✅ Third, you can make different recourses for different offers to get people to opt-in on a specific funnel to up-sell to your bigger offer.

Your first free resource is for your UNAWARE potential client who is at level 1 (doesn’t know, or is slightly aware) about their problems.

Your second resource is for your clients who are AWARE of their problems and know which solution they are seeking.

Now, a very important question, I know, you were waiting for this… 😉

How do you create an attractive/magnetic freebie? ✨

✅ Your freebie solves a DIRECT problem of your ideal customer

✅ Focus on a Quick Win (A small implementation, so they see immediate results)

✅ Make sure that your freebies are magnetic to your ideal customer, the problem you solve is directly related to your program.

✅ Freebie 1 can be a guide, checklist, case study (written) and is for your cold audience (they don’t know you)

✅ Freebie 2 can be a challenge, masterclass, mini-course, and is for your warmer audience (they need to see and hear you in order to connect with you).

Please let me know, in the comments, what type of freebie you have! Is it an e-book, checklist, masterclass… I’m very curious🤩.


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Deze programma's zijn ontworpen om je een online business 'master' te maken. Ze laten je zien hoe je een magnetisch persoonlijk merk creëert, de perfecte programmasuite, geweldige inhoud maakt, leert hoe je aan je ideale klant kunt verkopen, je online cursus of programma's kunt automatiseren en nog veel meer.

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