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There is a huge difference between teaching things you JUST learned vs. things you’ve actually done

There is a huge difference between teaching things you JUST learned vs. teaching things you’ve actually DONE through trial, error + experience.

Once you’ve learned from a program, it’s important to always execute the work first.

Through implementation, you will learn a lot. This is where you ask yourself what the gaps are:

How can I improve the process or framework that I just learned?

How would you change it so it becomes your own? What are some of your own observations, you’ve made through the process of implementation?

Any and all programs you invest in should merely act as a baseline, and what makes your programs unique is what YOU end up creating. This is the work where you get to come up with your own methods and frameworks.

The key to staying relevant in a world that is constantly changing is to offer solutions to people’s needs.

What you love might not be what your community needs at a particular time. And if people don’t need your services, they won’t pay for it.

Every situation is different and requires different solutions each time. There is always something new to learn. And you should keep finding these things because they keep you ahead of others.

You can either run your business up or down by the amount of effort you put into it. The goal is to build a business around something you love and keep it simple and automated so you can enjoy doing other things.

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