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Why you aren't attracting clients, despite everything you are doing...

If you are reading this post, you might encounter these problems:

  • you struggle to come up with new ideas to educate your audience...

  • you have an unclear branding proposition and unclear niche...

  • you have to fight for your audience's attention...

  • you struggle with telling your brand story and how to show people you experienced the same pain points...

Growing your social media, attracting your ideal client, and selling online, is not that easy!

But with the right help, systems, and strategies, it does get a lot easier.

In this post, I’m going to show you the 4 pillars of communicating your brand online… So you will be communicating in a way, that people see the actual value of your offer and want to buy it.


1. Brand positioning

You have an unclear branding proposition and unclear niche... A good story ensures that people will follow you but some people can't relate to your story, so these people will not follow you. A good story eliminates all the people you don't need. You will use these stories for your content and let people resonate with you.

2. Magnetic offer

You're not communicating clearly on what you offer, so your ideal client is confused about what you do or what you’re selling, so they end up NOT buying.

You have to consistently speak about your offers & services in a way that positions you as the authority in your niche and allows you to charge a premium for your services. If you don't do this clearly, you'll have trouble onboarding new clients.

3. Transformation

You struggle with telling your brand story and how to show people you experienced the same pain points...

When you are clear on your ideal client's pain points, you can address them in your content, write about your own personal journey and create a clear message. Bring value to WHY they need your offer. You need to be clear on the transformation. Do you give them the new future they desire, or do you write about the future you think they want?

4. Level with your client

You have to fight for your audience's attention because they don't 'understand' your posts.

Your client needs a different approach on every level of their customer journey. If someone just finds out about you via Instagram, they might not know they need your offer in the first place. So you make content that shows them the WHY. Educate them about the problems they have. Talking about launching an offer if your follower doesn't even have a clear offer is wrong. Your follower first needs information and help with setting up a clear offer. Speak to them at this level. Communicate the right value, at the right time in the customer journey.

So, in order to start right, I have an amazing offer for you:


START Writing content that converts, so people are like: "Take my money"!

You no longer have to feel insecure, stressed, annoyed and hopeless because of Instagram...


the Magnetic Insta Blueprint!

Once you start using the Magnetic Insta Blueprint, you can communicate in a way, that people see the actual value of your offer & become a raving fan!

If you want to find out HOW to onboard your dream clients via Instagram, write magnetic content, and become the authority in your niche... then what are you waiting for?

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Deze programma's zijn ontworpen om je een online business 'master' te maken. Ze laten je zien hoe je een magnetisch persoonlijk merk creëert, de perfecte programmasuite, geweldige inhoud maakt, leert hoe je aan je ideale klant kunt verkopen, je online cursus of programma's kunt automatiseren en nog veel meer.

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