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Why you need storytelling in order to sell out your offer

We LOVE stories. Can you remember when you were young that your parents read you bedtime stories?

I was hooked. Do you know why? Because it is not only about the story. It’s about the fact that you can VIZUALISE the situation.

You can create your own imagination based on words.

I remember I read the Harry Potter books, and then the movie came out… I was slightly disappointed because I already created the whole magical world in my head (I created a really awesome version :P).

Now they put the movie out there, and it wasn’t how I imagined it.

It’s the power of the brain and why storytelling is so important.

When you write copy and do this in a storytelling way, you give people the opportunity to really tune IN to your story.

You let them fill in the (big) pictures of your story. Therefore, when you write like this, you create a CONNECTION with the one reading your story.

People are more likely to remember stories where they had a certain FEELING, EMOTION, or other TRIGGER.

Your copy gets even better when you show us certain scenarios.

SITUATIONS in which we RECOGNIZE ourselves. And if we experienced a certain situation, and we felt a certain way, and you also tell us how we felt during this situation…

…we have a feeling you know EXACTLY how we feel and you truly UNDERSTAND us.

Can you imagen the IMPACT when you combine writing about your offer with storytelling and scenarios?

We will place ourselves in the position of your ideal client because you exactly described us. We RECOGNIZED ourselves in your story, we EXACTLY experienced the same feelings.

Can you read my mind?

All you have to do is tell us stories in which we recognize ourselves so we will place ourselves in the position of being your client. So we believe the transformation is also possible for us.



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