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7 reasons why the sale of your service or product is not going as planned

If you want to show your product or service to your audience, you must have a strategy. You can't expect your service or product to just sell without you ever talking about it, warming up your audience, or showing it.

A launch can easily end up in a flop if certain things are not done before and during the launch.

There are many reasons why things can go wrong, but here I will list the main reasons I see and hear why several launches fail.

1. Too little preparation

Not planning your launch strategy in advance is a good way to make sure it doesn't go the way you want it to.;)

2. Too much preparation

Yes, too much preparation is always a no-go. Creating your course/product content and beautiful images and texts before you have ever sold it (i.e. validated your offer) is one reason that you might hardly generate any sales.

3. Not validating your offer

Making/developing something that you are not sure of, if people really need and want is a waste of time. Taking the time to understand your ideal customers and create offers that match their needs and wants ensures that you're launching the right offers at the right time and in the right way.

4. No build-up before launch

Unless you have a very large/engaged audience, the decision to launch from scratch isn't going to yield many results. You need to build your launch with relevant content/marketing around the topic (about the service/product you are going to launch) and also build some excitement and expectation.

5. Not having the right technology/tools for your launch

It's all about simple and effective and this goes for technical tools too! You don't need expensive programs, but you do need tools that do the job AND you know how to use them!

6. Give up

A lot can go wrong during a launch. What you shouldn't do is give up. Technology can go wrong, ads don't always convert and sometimes you'll tell yourself that no one will buy anything and you won't even cover your costs! The way you set your mindset and the energy and faith you put into it is the biggest ROI you have. You have to keep going, even when the progress is little.

7. Content

If you use launch tools to sell your products/services, you can't afford to hold back while opening the cart (the days your product is on sale). You must persevere and strive to get those people across the line that you know need and can use your help.

Make sure you have a support team (or have everything prepped yourself before launch) so you can show up to your audience every day and not have to mess with technology, emails, etc.

Have you ever thought about this?

If you need help launching your offers, send me an e-mail via: or check out my 1:1 offer!


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