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Different ways to turn your audience into paying customers 🚀

You can be good at 'launching', but not at converting (selling).

If you don't get them across the finish line, your launch is just a lot of wasted time and energy.

In this post I share some of my tips for converting your audience into paying customers:

➡️ When you sell a high-ticket offer

Sales / strategy calls. Unless your product/service is low-ticket, I would definitely recommend adding it to your (launch) strategy.

➡️ For low ticket launches

If it is a low ticket: have group conversations where people can ask you questions. Go live on IG or in your FB group.

➡️ Deep dive into your content

Don't just talk superficially about problems in your content. Talk about the consequences of your ICA NOT taking action. What can happen if their problem persists? Emphasize the consequences and show THEM what their future might look like, if nothing changes (no transformation). And then show them the transformation (new future)!

➡️ Talk about the objections

Approach and address their concerns and fears directly. You can do this through your content and conversations. Make a post about every pain point or objection and refute these.

➡️ Bonuses

This is a good way to get them to buy. Do not post random, unrelated bonuses. Tailor them to your audience's needs and think about what else would help them take action and get results.


The fear of missing out is real! If it's real and authentic and done in a playful, fun way; making fomo during your online launch really works!

Example: Do this by attaching a date to it. Or offer the bonuses only when someone buys in a certain period.

When you use this strategy to start (and make it evergreen later):

✅ Sales are not only higher during your launches, but are more consistent and predictable each month.

✅ Your audience doesn't just pay attention once (during your launch), they become loyal fans and turn into paying customers whole year round.

✅ Sold out launches are becoming the norm because you know what your audience needs, and they know you (your solution) offer what they need.

Most importantly, launches becomes less stressful, more profitable, and more predictable.

Are you IN? 😎

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