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Do you know the difference between a customer journey and a funnel? 🧐

Whenever a purchase has a big impact on your life you’re going to have an extensive journey. You think about the decision a lot and you need time to process all the steps.

If the purchase is sometimes small, like buying candy, there is most likely no journey.. you decide on the spot if you want candy yes or no.

When you work with funnels, you can basically overlay this funnel over the natural customer journey of a customer.

▶️ This way you can accelerate the buying process

▶️ And try to make them choose you / win you over before it’s TIME to even choose.

Remember opting in on a funnel? 🤓

Maybe not, maybe you do. Some funnels are implemented so intentionally, that you basically don’t know you are in a funnel.

▶️ They take the top of the funnel, and they are intervening in your journey trying to pivot how your journey is going to look. That’s the big difference between a natural customer journey and a funnel.

A journey is something that happens naturally with a buyer.

And a funnel is something, you as the business owner, are going to overlay over their journey.

Think about how you turn followers into clients.

Do you have an intentional funnel, or do you wait for their natural customer journey to end up with you? 🧐

If you need help with implementing an intentional funnel that makes sure your ideal clients opt-in, and at the end of the journey, your ideal client is referring you to new customers?

Check out my newest program: Business Growth Accelerator

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Deze programma's zijn ontworpen om je een online business 'master' te maken. Ze laten je zien hoe je een magnetisch persoonlijk merk creëert, de perfecte programmasuite, geweldige inhoud maakt, leert hoe je aan je ideale klant kunt verkopen, je online cursus of programma's kunt automatiseren en nog veel meer.

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