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The 4 phases you go through in order to launch that perfect offer

The biggest mistake anyone can make in business is making not hitting their goals MEAN something about them.

When you don’t hit your goals, or when something doesn’t go the way you expected to, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart, can’t do it, or are less than anyone else.

Having this disempowering belief is a decision you are consciously making and you are choosing to let it affect your business and yourself.

When you start feeling uncomfortable, it will be tempting to give up but just because something is new, doesn't mean you're not capable of doing it. Don't confuse inexperience with weakness. You are capable of doing hard things. You are capable of doing new things.

Just follow these 4 steps in order to get where you want to be… it all starts with STARTING OUT!

  1. Go through with the launch of your offer/service The sooner you execute your launch with your ‘new’ offer or service, the sooner you can improve for your next launch

  2. Get all the information (if you don’t start, you won’t have the info!) Remember, every time you launch you will get better at it because you will have more EXPERIENCE.

  3. Review the feedback You get feedback, you know how to handle objections, present and promote your offer, tech stuff, etc.

  4. Remove, add, improve and pivot for your next launch or to create a better offer/service. The first launch is the beginning of YOU becoming a STRONGER entrepreneur.

Every new stage of growth will require a different version of you. Things do not get easier and problems do not get smaller. Successful people don’t have fewer problems. They are just better at navigating them.

So are you ready to finally GET THAT SH*T DONE?

Comment 'YEAH' if you are going to rock the goals you set in your business!


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