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Objection after objection. You get tired of EXPLAINING the VALUE of your offer ALL. THE. TIME.

It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Convincing people of buying your offer.

But you DO have a hard time selling when you are UNWILLINGLY, and somehow, ATTRACTING the WRONG audience.

THIS is what you are doing wrong…

You need to change the way that you see your clients. As victims (struggling with their pain points)… as people who probably don’t have the money to pay for your offer…

Example: If you talk to your audience like that they are probably very lazy, not putting in the work and therefore not getting any transformations - they will most likely feel like a victim because you describe them as a victim.

You did not empower them to change this behavior. A good example of triggering and empowering your audience is the post I shared a few days ago: “Who are the people, in my 1:1 program, that get the best results…”

Read the post here.

Let me break this down:

  1. I empower them with my words - the things they need to do in order to succeed.

  2. I described my Ideal Client. 100%. I only want people in my program that have these things in common.

  3. I eliminate all the people that I don’t want to work with.

  4. People will place themselves in the position that they CAN be like this. So they no longer HAVE OBJECTIONS to your offer, because they find themselves WORTHY:

  • They are CAPABLE of investing at a higher price because they (and their business) are worth it. (No money objections)

  • They are CAPABLE of having great transformations because they will work hard for it in order to succeed. (No excuses)

  • They are CAPABLE and WILLING to prioritize and invest TIME in the program, so they will achieve their set goals. (No ‘I have no time’ objections)

It is all about giving them the energy that they are capable of, and showing them WHAT they are capable of.

You need to SHOW your audience the POSSIBILITIES of what can happen. Show them that they are WORTHY enough to deserve the life they dream of.

You need to change the way that you see your clients - then they will change the way that they see THEMSELVES when they are in your energy.

We are always responding to the way people view us, if someone looks at us like ‘were incapable’, we think that we are incapable.

So let me ask you now…. how do you treat your audience?

Let me know in the comments!


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