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The 5 stages from follower to client 👋

There are different faces a follower comes in when exploring your social media. We call this the customer journey. In this post I’ll explain you the 5 stages from follower to client.


When a potential client comes in contact with your brand for the first time!

Think about this: How are you going to grab their attention? You can do this by using: images with text, amazing captions and storytelling, engaging copywriting.

HOW can they DISCOVER you? Is this, traditional media? Like articles, blogs, magazines? Websites (SEO), word of mouth?


When a potential client, is investigating your brand. They are looking at your posts, website, e-mail etc. You warm them up by nurturing them via your content.

Potential clients in this fase of the customer journey look into:

Previous posts and stories, website (what do you have to offer), subscribing to newsletter, sales pages and other social media channels.


They know, like and trust you. So they are ready to buy from you!

HOW easy do you make it for your follower to buy something? Do you offer: testimonials, reviews, chat, Q&A’s, payment plans, guarantees?

▶ Service

Then, after they bought from you, HOW are you going to deliver the product or service? What kind of communication do you offer, customer feedback and how easy can they access their purchase?


They bought from you and are now a BIG fan! They tell everyone about your product or service and refer your brand. Do you offer a loyalty program? 10% discount? Promotions? Etc.

Need help optimizing your customer journey so you can start attracting clients like magnets?


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