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The importance of COLLABORATIONS

A good way to generate additional revenue is through partnerships. Do an average of 1 collaboration per week and this can earn you a lot of extra customers.

To get your offer in front of your perfect target audience, there are a number of ways you can consider. Of course you can advertise or try to reach your ideal audience organically. But a perfect way to get the attention of your ideal target group is through collaborations.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to ruin a collaboration. You immediately receive a warm introduction, because the person presenting your offer already has the trust of their audience (your ideal customer). The chance of success is therefore very high and the best thing is, you don't need money or an audience for this!

Another reason this works so well is because you can give value first without asking the public to buy from you.

Some examples of collaborations include:

1. A case study

2. A podcast interview

3. Speak at an event

4. Give a webinar or FB live to their audience

5. Give an interview + valuable tips and tricks in their e-book or magazine

6. Write a blogpost

7. Do an interview in a magazine

8. Collaborate via a Reel (shared on both accounts)

And much more.

Which one are you going to give a try?


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